Oauth Token Url, missing parameter

Hi, i recently added Oauth to my plugin. I managed to connect with my app and redirect to chat using callback.

But while redirecting to the chat, it calls Token url. I guess it calls the API to validate the token. The thing is when i cheked the request parameter, there is nothing in it. There should be code or other information to validate to token. But literally nothing. Just post request and api url. So i temporarily add access_token which i get it from my google Ouath login info.


I think there must be request for it. Or is there any other parameter to get information?

When a request is made to token url, you are support to generate an access token and store in locally in your db. Whenever a request is made going forward, the token will be used for authentication

Here is an open-source working sample GitHub - Anil-matcha/GPT-Auth: GPT Auth provides a user-friendly solution to quickly setup oauth for your custom GPT and self-host it. if you wish to check out

Isn’t the access token generated in the token URL supposed to be the same with the one generated in the authorization URL?

In my case, when a user makes a request, it goes to the authorization URL. From there, it redirects to Google’s login form using Google OAuth and generates an access token. With this access token, I can retrieve user information using the Google API. After this process, it redirects me back to OpenAI.

While redirecting to OpenAI, a request is sent to the token URL. But there is no other information to distinguish who makes a request.

So i generates random access token when a request is made to token url. Chat gpt allows me to login with this token. But i think it’s not right authentication.

Both are different tokens. One is for getting info from google and another is for authenticating endpoints in your app as you can see in the code of above Github repo

I see. I’m still a bit suffered from matching user info with token that i generated. But i will try to figure it out. Thanks!