GPTs is not invoking the token endpoint to get access_token

I’m working on integrating the GPT API into our system, which involves configuring OAuth for API invocations. We have a custom endpoint in our system to handle Authorization and Token processes. The GPT correctly invokes our Authorization endpoint, receiving the code and state in response. However, it fails to call the token endpoint, leading to an error in the UI stating “Missing access_token”, without any trace of the GPT hitting the token endpoint.

Api invoked from the front end:…/user-settings/oauth/callback?code=eyJraWQiOiJjc3…WemB3LBpr-0XNL9x.uDWJ9Qkz…&…&state=f5096afb

Response from api
“success”: false,
“error”: “Missing access_token”,
“redirect_path”: “/g/g-JAQUw-skypgpt-dev/c/a279e945-1222-5e03d4b9ca69”,
“message”: “Missing access_token”

I was manually able to invoke the token endpoint using the generated code and get the expected response including access_token from postman.

I’d recommend chatting to support because this will likely be setup-specific and involve you giving away information about your Actions that might be private (maybe firewalls etc). That’s really unusual.

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Did you solve this issue?
I am getting similiar response but i couldn’t find any message in the backend-api callback response
The response looks like {“success”:false,“message”:“”}