OAuth redirect to custom url?

Hi Guys! I’ve read multiple topics, but didn’t see the answer.

I have a flow:

  • gcp function that has oAuth redirection
  • gcp function that accepts oAuth code and do some stuff with person data

I wanted:

  • ask GPT to run first gcp function (oAuth)
  • be redirected to second gcp_function

It didn’t work.

Right now I can either have access to simple Google Apis without my code to actually do some stuff. And I wonder how to implement access through oAuth and then send it to my custom gcp functions?

I was trying to intercept the code or chain some actions but didn’t manage so far.

What information should I provide for better understanding and do you think it’s possible or not?

My ideal scenario:

  • send oAuth request to User
  • User authenticate / gives access
  • I receive code from oAuth
  • send code to gcp_function number 2 and receive result
  • chat_gpt processes the result