Not able to import openai, causing issue with `module 'httpcore' has no attribute 'UnsupportedProtocol'`

import os
import openai
import json

I am getting this error, please help

AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
c:\Users\2me41\chatgpt\basics.ipynb Cell 1 line <cell line: 2>()
      1 import os
----> 2 import openai
      3 import json

File c:\Python310\lib\site-packages\openai\, in <module>
      5 import os as _os
      6 from typing_extensions import override
----> 8 from . import types
      9 from ._types import NoneType, Transport, ProxiesTypes
     10 from ._utils import file_from_path

File c:\Python310\lib\site-packages\openai\types\, in <module>
      1 # File generated from our OpenAPI spec by Stainless.
      3 from __future__ import annotations
----> 5 from .edit import Edit as Edit
      6 from .image import Image as Image
      7 from .model import Model as Model

File c:\Python310\lib\site-packages\openai\types\, in <module>
      3 from typing import List
      4 from typing_extensions import Literal
----> 6 from .._models import BaseModel
      7 from .completion_usage import CompletionUsage
      9 __all__ = ["Edit", "Choice"]

File c:\Python310\lib\site-packages\openai\, in <module>
     19 import pydantic.generics
     20 from pydantic.fields import FieldInfo
---> 22 from ._types import (
     23     Body,
     24     IncEx,
     25     Query,
     26     ModelT,
     27     Headers,
     28     Timeout,
     29     NotGiven,
     30     AnyMapping,
     31     HttpxRequestFiles,
     32 )
     33 from ._utils import (
     34     is_list,
     35     is_given,
     39     strip_not_given,
     40 )
     41 from ._compat import PYDANTIC_V2, ConfigDict

File c:\Python310\lib\site-packages\openai\, in <module>
     22 from typing_extensions import (
     23     Literal,
     24     Protocol,
     28     runtime_checkable,
     29 )
     31 import pydantic
---> 32 from httpx import URL, Proxy, Timeout, Response, BaseTransport, AsyncBaseTransport
     34 if TYPE_CHECKING:
     35     from ._models import BaseModel

File c:\Python310\lib\site-packages\httpx\, in <module>
      1 from .__version__ import __description__, __title__, __version__
----> 2 from ._api import delete, get, head, options, patch, post, put, request, stream
      3 from ._auth import Auth, BasicAuth, DigestAuth, NetRCAuth
      4 from ._client import USE_CLIENT_DEFAULT, AsyncClient, Client

File c:\Python310\lib\site-packages\httpx\, in <module>
      1 import typing
      2 from contextlib import contextmanager
----> 4 from ._client import Client
      5 from ._config import DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_CONFIG
      6 from ._models import Response

File c:\Python310\lib\site-packages\httpx\, in <module>
     28 from ._transports.asgi import ASGITransport
     29 from ._transports.base import AsyncBaseTransport, BaseTransport
---> 30 from ._transports.default import AsyncHTTPTransport, HTTPTransport
     31 from ._transports.wsgi import WSGITransport
     32 from ._types import (
     33     AsyncByteStream,
     34     AuthTypes,
     47     VerifyTypes,
     48 )

File c:\Python310\lib\site-packages\httpx\_transports\, in <module>
     82         message = str(exc)
     83         raise mapped_exc(message) from exc
     86 HTTPCORE_EXC_MAP = {
     87     httpcore.TimeoutException: TimeoutException,
     88     httpcore.ConnectTimeout: ConnectTimeout,
     89     httpcore.ReadTimeout: ReadTimeout,
     90     httpcore.WriteTimeout: WriteTimeout,
     91     httpcore.PoolTimeout: PoolTimeout,
     92     httpcore.NetworkError: NetworkError,
     93     httpcore.ConnectError: ConnectError,
     94     httpcore.ReadError: ReadError,
     95     httpcore.WriteError: WriteError,
     96     httpcore.ProxyError: ProxyError,
---> 97     httpcore.UnsupportedProtocol: UnsupportedProtocol,
     98     httpcore.ProtocolError: ProtocolError,
     99     httpcore.LocalProtocolError: LocalProtocolError,
    100     httpcore.RemoteProtocolError: RemoteProtocolError,
    101 }
    104 class ResponseStream(SyncByteStream):
    105     def __init__(self, httpcore_stream: typing.Iterable[bytes]):

AttributeError: module 'httpcore' has no attribute 'UnsupportedProtocol'

Here is an answer generated by GPT-4:

The error you’re encountering, 'module 'httpcore' has no attribute 'UnsupportedProtocol', suggests there might be a compatibility issue between the httpcore and httpx libraries in your Python environment. This can happen if the versions of these libraries are not compatible with each other.

Here are some steps you can take to resolve this issue:

  1. Update Libraries: First, try updating both httpcore and httpx to their latest versions. You can do this using pip:

    pip install --upgrade httpx httpcore

    This ensures that you have the latest versions of both libraries, which are more likely to be compatible with each other.

  2. Check Versions: Ensure that the versions of httpx and httpcore you are using are compatible. Sometimes, a newer version of httpx might require a specific version of httpcore. You can check the required versions in the httpx documentation or in the requirements.txt file if it’s a part of a larger project.

  3. Virtual Environment: If you’re not already doing so, consider using a virtual environment for your Python project. This allows you to manage dependencies for individual projects without affecting the global Python installation. This is especially useful for avoiding conflicts between project dependencies. You can create a virtual environment using venv:

    python -m venv venv
    source venv/bin/activate  # On Windows use venv\Scripts\activate

    Then, install your dependencies inside this environment.

  4. Dependency Conflict: If you have other packages installed that depend on a specific version of httpcore or httpx, this might cause a version conflict. You can use tools like pipdeptree to investigate dependency trees in your environment and identify potential conflicts.

  5. Reinstall Packages: If updating doesn’t work, try uninstalling and then reinstalling httpx and httpcore:

    pip uninstall httpx httpcore
    pip install httpx

    Often, a clean install resolves hidden issues.

  6. Check for Open Issues: Sometimes, the issue might be a known bug. Check the GitHub repositories for httpx and httpcore for open issues related to your error message. If it’s a known issue, there might be a suggested workaround or information on when a fix is expected.

If these steps do not resolve your issue, consider providing more details like the versions of Python, httpx, and httpcore you’re using, as well as the context in which this error occurs, for more specific guidance.

Don’t name any of your own files “openai”. Problem likely solved.

Then, if you haven’t specifically specified an older python library be used, you’ll need to read the API reference (or openai python github) to use new client methods based on from openai import OpenAI

Thanks for that. There was a version conflict.
I went to the github page and looked for requirements file where I got the right version that I need. I was easily able to resolve it. Thanks to you.


install these and all is done


Hi, can you provide the correct version that you’ve been using? Thx