Not able to delete Assistant Files (v2)

We’re seeing a persistent issue since we started testing Assistants API v2. We’re not able at the moment to delete files uploaded for assistants through the API. This happens both with an active vector store and with a deleted vector store:

No such File object: file-lcI7e1IuCy7XKlaG9mMP76mh

But the file is accessible and visible in the web UI.

Not sure if this is happening to others or if you have a workaround, but sharing just in case.

Linking this topic here:

There is also this seemingly related topic. Maybe this covers your case as well:

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Thanks @vb for sharing. Reuploading is fine to use the files as a user, but it still is an issues to test e2e the indexing workflow that we were porting to Assistants.

Hope it gets fixed soon. Do you usually report bugs only here or any other channel?

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Don’t mention it. If we are supposed to pay for storage then we should be able to manage that storage.
Posting bugs in the form is likely the best way at the moment. The OpenAI staff has been quite active and I am sure they will see this.


Hi there – we’re not able to immediately reproduce this bug but are looking into it. Thanks for the flag.


Here is another topic with a (related) issue?

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I have a probably related issue - I had some files uploaded for assistants to use. I deleted them using the UI, and checked the list using the API as well, and saw that they had gone.

BUT, I can still ask the assistant to show the first line from the deleted files, and it will accurately show me information from the deleted file.

The file doesn’t appear in the UI. The file doesn’t appear in the API using openai.client.beta.assistants.files.list() but the information that is contained in the file is able to appear in a response.

This tells me that the files aren’t actually being deleted.

Not sure if this would be the reason @slipper, but if you’re using the v2, the information in the files is made available for retrieval through their ‘new’ Vector Stores.

You could try to delete the associated Vector Store and validate if that solves your issue. I believe updating the store or adding documents should also trigger a re-indexation that should not take into account now-deleted files.

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Yes, that’s probably what it is. We have also been dealing with V2 inconsistencies like that. It’s a little bit hard to deal with the files versus the vector store versus the system.

And then it uses file search versus code interpreter. And it seems that it’s putting them in two containers or at least it’s confused about two containers because depending on how you put it, it would talk about two instead of just one container.