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Subject: Cancellation of DALL-E 3 subscription and comments


I am writing to inform you of my decision to cancel my subscription to DALL-E 3. I was extremely frustrated by the performance of this version compared to DALL-E 2. In particular, I find that DALL-E 2 was far superior in terms of its artistic standards. In addition, I find that DALL-E 3 is simply incapable of responding effectively to requests that include a specific data file, an image, a photograph, a drawing, etc. When I incorporate an image and DALL-E 3 does not respond to the request, I find that DALL-E 3 is incapable of responding to the request.

When I load an image and ask DALL-E 3 to do something, I can’t get the response I got with DALL-E 2 when I requested variations.

I hope my comments will help you improve future versions.

Thank you for considering my comments.

Yours sincerely
Chiara Isserlis

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