No photo sharing in custom GPTs

I built a custom GPT and uploaded photos to the knowledge base with the assumption it would share these, if asked.

First test result was that a DALL-E generated image would always be shared, so I disabled the DALL-E action and retested.
Result: ‘sorry, I can’t retrieve that image’. My guess was that the image size was too large, so I reduced to a 35kb jpg.

Retest results:
" Let me share a picture.

[image description]

Unfortunately, it looks like I’m unable to retrieve the image right now. I wish I could show you, but…"

That is, it describes an image from the knowledge base, rather than show/share it.

When I think about it, directly sharing anything in the knowledge base is dangerous. The custom GPT could share malicious code, NSFW pics, etc., so this outcome shouldn’t surprise me. However, I feel like anyone who tries to develop a custom GPT is flying completely blind without proper documentation, if it even exists.

I get the rush to market, ‘let them be the Guinea pigs’ aspect of things, but it’s difficult to support a product where the rules are almost entirely ambiguous, because we lose time, energy and resources just trying to figure the game out. I hope this changes.

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Knowledge files are meant to be searchable by the model not transferred to the user.

If you host the image files somewhere accessible online, you can have the model render the image inline in the response with markdown.

Example of how this would work,