No content returned from Playground

I have been using OpenAI for months and never had this issue before. I am using the Playground to generate content from prompt. However, each time I clicked the Submit button, no content returned in body. It just refresh 2-3 seconds with null result.

It was working fine in the past with the same account.

Please press “View code” and post the resultant API call in a code block

@Dent don’t know how to do that, sorry.

I did that in an online cod editor but it returns an error, saying OpenAI is not imported.

You clicked on “View code” in the playground, and it returned an error?

Or you pasted the code from “View code” into a separate code editor and it returned an error?

@Dent I copied the code to an online editor and it retuned an error.

BTW, I can’t view the api under

there is no copy button showing up again.

Update: I ran the curl command from View Code and found out the access was terminated. Sorry to bother!