Ngrok delays or Actions delays

I’m using Ngrok to forward a link in my project.
But I face delays of more then even 30 seconds until GPT prompt the question to Allow or Decline (for dev purpose, I’m using None for Authentification) that Action. You’ve experienced delays with Builder/Actions ?! Or Ngrok is definitelly responsable for such delays.

Hello Socrate! Scott from ngrok here. Thanks for using ngrok and for posting the question. I would love to learn more about what you’re doing. Are you using ngrok to receive calls from the GPT Action?

Are you using the ngrok CLI? The CLI should post the timestamp when the HTTP request hits the ngrok service.

Also, we have a Traffic Inspector available that will allow you to analyze all the requests passing through your ngrok tunnels. ( I was going to post a link to the documentation bu apparently the site won’t allow it?)

Let me know if those resources help or if you have any further questions.