New Open AI App Review Process - Discuss

From OpenAI API

" * 2022-10-25: Updated App Review process (devs no longer need to wait for approval after submitting as long as they comply with our policies). Moved to an outcomes-based approach and updated Safety Best Practices."

Does this mean we can launch apps without approval as long as we comply with best practices?


Sounds like if the app follows the rules, it doesn’t have to wait in line for approval.

But the app owner is responsible for anything that could go wrong.
And probably the app is still reviewed by OpenAI at some point.

This way the app owners are not delaying the app launch and if they broke some rules, they will probably lose investments made so far.
It’s a sort of self-assessment.

Agreed, some kind of pre-launch approval in principle process would be useful to avoid product developers losing time & money if the app is blocked after launch.

That’s how it worked before and there were long delays for the approval.

Now it lets the developers assess themselves and they launch at their own risk.

With this change developers are encouraged to avoid rules breaking if they want to prevent app rejection.

It’s faster now.

Fast is good - but I am a little wary of spending months building something and releasing the app, only to discover I misunderstood the rules and how they apply to my specific use case.

There is obv room for misunderstanding built into the process :slight_smile:

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Well, hopefully this way the team will have more time to answer questions regarding the compliance part.

Sounds good! Do you know where we can ask those questions prior to launching an app?

Ha, it was a wish :slight_smile:
Maybe they announce something.

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