New "Continue Generating" button is broken for Code Blocks

ChatGPT has new buttons “Continue Generating” “Stop Generating” that appear when the response is long.

If these buttons appear part way though a code block, the “Continue Generating” button resumes the response outside of a Code Block.

After the code generation is complete. ChatGPT’s non-code commentary is then incorrectly displayed in a code block.

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I found this to happen last night. You can force it to continue writing by “calling it out” in the response, however, it just seems to start the code again.

Issues with the “Continue Generating” button also now appear to be present in any text generation, where if you press it, it basically restarts the entire thing, even if it was half way through writing sentence…

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 12.53.09

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I just want to revive this topic because I have been experiencing this lately. The continue generating button is very unreliable with code. Sometimes it will just start generating text right in the cut-off code block it is supposed to be continuing, but more often the button just fails, and then the button disappears.

I know you can say “continue” or “you were cut off” but it’s not very convenient (especially if pasting 2 separate blocks messes up your Python indents). If continuing fails, we should at least be able to click the button to try again. Ideally, it would detect if it has been cut off writing code, and instead of saying “my apologies, here is the rest of the code” it would just continue from where it left off, possibly deleting your request to continue writing in the process.