New API Captcha is Ridiculous and an Accessibility Violation

This is the most ridiculous bullshit I’ve ever seen.

You should be ashamed.

First, the instructions are INCREDIBLY unclear. Is this intentional? Match? The distance does not match. The images do not match. Am I supposed to subtract? What the hell am I supposed to do here?

I pay money to use a service. I don’t want to solve such a bullshit puzzle to access something I pay money for.

I am extremely irritated. This took me an additional 10 minutes to solve the ambiguous instructions and type this message, which should have never been necessary.

This is insulting.

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Are you talking about ChatGPT?

Are you using a VPN? Have browser extensions installed that interact with ChatGPT? Trying to automate ChatGPT somehow? That’s usually why you get the heavy duty Captcha’s…

ETA: You have to consider that they’re charging $20 for something that most people probably use $100+ every month… I do think they would benefit from a tiered ChatGPT experience… if you want to hit it heavy, you just have to pay more…