C# integration with assistant

is there a way to use libs like the nodejs ones in c#

const assistant = await openai.beta.assistants.create({
  name: "Math Tutor",
  instructions: "You are a personal math tutor. Write and run code to answer math questions.",
  tools: [{ type: "code_interpreter" }],
  model: "gpt-4-1106-preview"

I know someone who was working on a c# port some time ago, not sure if they are interested in moving that forwards, there was also an auto lib generator on the API documentation site with a c sharp entry, never actually got that one to work if I recall, it may have been updated for the new release.

Python and Node.JS basically rule the roost when it comes to AI connectivity these days, though Iā€™m sure C++ and sharp libs will be forthcoming by third parties soon

I use this API for c#, GitHub - RageAgainstThePixel/OpenAI-DotNet: A Non-Official OpenAI RESTful API Client for dotnet and I see they have assistant api in the issues. Normally they add new features quite quickly.


Azure OpenAI client library for .NET - Azure for .NET Developers | Microsoft Learn

Works with open ai and azure endpoints