Need to use Azure open AI for Requirement gathering for api development. Since this is starting phase, need to understand the approach to be followed.any help will be highly appreciated

Hi there,
Being new to Generative AI world, want to understand the approach to be followed if I want to implement for Requirement gathering phase for new api development.

Welcome @keshri.sunit!

I’m not sure I am getting your question 100% right but if you’d like to use the OpenAI API via Azure, the basic steps for the set up are as follows:

  1. Sign up for an Azure subscription (if you have not already)

  2. Create an Azure OpenAI resource which will provide you with the API key and the generic endpoint

  3. In the Azure OpenAI Studio deploy an OpenAI model of your choice and adjust specific parameter based on your needs (eg TPM)

  4. You will then use the deployment specific endpoint to call the deployed model via API

Note that there are some minor differences across Azure regions in terms of model availability.

Does this help or were you looking for guidance on something more specific?