Need to have consistent and predictable good GPT results, and feedback, users or automatic

Need to have consistent and predictable good GPT results, and feedback, users or automatic.
I need to be sure that results of my GPT always will be good, for this I need some mechanism to make them consistently good.
Because I have examples of results and instructions, but still results not always as expected and good. (I’m talking about image generation).
And I need results feedback, maybe to have some sort of users feedback for each GPT, maybe some analitics.
And I need some sort of testing tool, like 1 prompt that will generate 100 images for testing purpose of apples, banana and etc.
That then I can get back and check all images and provide some improvement to make them consistently good.
Maybe I should be able to fine tune specific GPT or change temperature but I need somehow to improve quality for each generation.
Instuctions and GPT update not always improve as needed and not applicable for many different images.
Need like consistent instructions, something like to have 100 generated images and theirs prompts and then connect dots. Like to have basic instruction and 100 generations(they will be in one direction for example 100 birds but all different and not always pefect, this what we need to find relation betwenn instruction, model and results, and maybe we need more capabilities to change behaviour, like to change mode, to change temperature, some how to precisely fine tune model).
And I should have simple mechanism of updating my portfolio from chat, just to choose best results and upload them to portfolio.
Also this feature will be good for end users, like they be able to get bulk results.
Maybe even need to introduce bulk prompts, and for GPTs I suggest to have starters with bulk prompts.
And we need more starters and startes search.
Basically it will be like GPT shop, when we open GPT we can find - start and related results (one image of expected result).

A little bit will be confusing because it will duplicate GPTs just on level on down, for GPT starters but we need it to make shop expirience.
Like people can just what they want and get it without prompting.
And we can also introduce payment for such good prepared starters.

We have GPT group - Draw Animals,
GPT group Draw Animals has 100 GPTs, each GPT responsible of drawing Dogs, Cats, Birds.
One GPT - Draw Birds has starters, like:
Draw 50 Black birds (and example of expected result, maybe few examples or even one full generation of 50 images ready for upload), and possibility to buy them or buy using such GPT for some time, it shouldn’t be expensive, like few dollars or advertisment alternative.
And important point, it should be like shop GPTs inside group with portfolio of images and it should be like shop of starters inside GPT with portfolio of images (portfolio of images can be on hover or on different page).

GPTs need more UI and more images and more shopping expirience and more analitics. This way we will be able to sell more and Open AI will earn more money.

Something like this promptbase but better.