Need clarification about GPT4 vision api


For our project, we need to do some image search of our products. So I tried with GPT4 vision API. But which returned the below error.

“error”: {
“message”: “The model gpt-4-vision-preview does not exist or you do not have access to it. Learn more: How can I access GPT-4? | OpenAI Help Center”,
“type”: “invalid_request_error”,
“param”: null,
“code”: “model_not_found”

So tried to add payment details, which asks for our credit card informations. I have the below doubts. Please clarify these things,

  1. After adding the payment details, Can I delete my card details if I want

  2. If Yes, After deleted by card, Do you detect money for the next month

  3. We need every steps about the subscription process. Because, there is no proper documentation for the next next process of the adding payment and enabling payment plans.

  4. $5 amount will be enough to use GPT4 vision api to do the image product search for my project?

Please kindly reply for my queries as soon as possible.