Named API keys and new API key limit!

Hey folks, excited to share that you can now name API keys and you can create up to 25 of them (up from 5 max before).

Happy building!

CleanShot 2023-04-14 at 01.06.54


@logankilpatrick are there any plans to add a “trusted domain(s)” to these keys? With the overall latency issues with the API, not being able to use the API on the client (due to key exposure) is adding a lot of development drag.


I agree. It’s not ideal to create your own proxy servers just to hide the API keys. Also, when using streaming it gets very problematic. Would save me a lot of time if we have some proper domain management.

@logankilpatrick This is great,
Is it possible to create key with a $ limit on it
My use case for business

  1. Create multiple keys and set a limit on each key say $1000
  2. Give each key to 5 different teams to use
  3. Be able to see the usage and limits on what is being done with each key.
    but all in one signed-in account.

Do you plan to add cost monitoring by key and usage limits as @rayudu.addagarla mentioned? These are much needed and useful feature :pray:

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The killer feature would be “constrained use” keys. There are lots of 3d party apps that cannot afford unlimited usage of their own keys and ask for the user’s but the user doesn’t want to give out an unlimited key. This should be easily solvable if I can give some app a limited key that I can control the limits on.


We could really use multiple keys with their own limits, just internally within our company, e.g. an R&D key with a limit X and a prod use key with limit Y where X+Y=Z where Z is our overall limit

there’s an open-source project for that, hope it helps!