My tab crashed and I lost all of my history - Playground

So I spent 9 hours today creating a story with playground GPT-3, but suddenly my browser ran out of memory and my tab crashed.
I was unable to log back in cause of some error so I cleared my browser cache, which let me back in. I soon notice that my history was completely blank.
I came to the horrifying realization that the data might be saved in my local cache…

I spent over $50 today and it’s all completely lost now.
Please tell me results are stored online and there’s some way to get it back?

I really hope they are stored here for you brotha


Nope :frowning: like I said, I noticed that my history was completely blank.
I also checked on another browser (which I used once with playground), and it has it’s own history. Which confirms that ‘that’ history tab only shows what’s stored in my local cache.
I was hoping there was somewhere in my account settings that I missed that I could see my past prompts.
I can see the billing for past prompts in the “Usage” page. But no actual content.

I logged a ticket in hopes I can get the data back. I’m kicking myself for not creating my own copies, I just didn’t foresee this.