My Rate Limits Have Been Increased But Still Receiving Same Token Limit Error

Hi all,

I’d love to hear if anyone else is experiencing the same situation.

Our organisation has been using the OpenAI API for the last month with roughly $100 a day being spent.

When logging into the API account on OpenAI I can see all the rate limits they have set for the organisations GPT-4 model they have all been raised automatically over the last month from 10000 TPM to 300K TPM for GPT-4. All of this is great.

However when I’m actually hitting the API I’m receiving an error back saying we’re hitting the rate limit of 10000 TPM this shouldnt be the case we should now have 300k TPM. Has anyone had their rate limits increased but when hitting the API it appears they are still on the original rate limit?

they i am also having tons of issues, it looks like their latest update is not fully rolled out yet and is now only partly deployed. Just need to wait

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We’ve been experience this for the last 2 weeks though so before the update