My IP address got blacklisted

I use VPS built by self to visit the chatgpt website. And somehow my IP address got blacklisted. I don’t want to change my IP address of my VPS. Is there any chance that the ChatGPT support team whitelist my IP address.

I think there is zero chance of this.

Sorry to be so honest and blunt about it.


Have you tried using VPN on your VPS server?, it may help.

Turn on VPN, check if your IP address is changed from and then try again.

That for sure could work to change IP address. but it will make my networking more complicated and expensive. Thx tho

Will changing to another VPS server helpful?
Yestereve I was blocked by chatgpt when using a VPS network. And I changed it to another server DC, but it still didn’t work.

Well, it depends, the chatgpt will block some obvoius IP dispatched to datacenter, because they just don’t want spider in their website. But the solution I recommend here is :slight_smile:

  1. create a free openai account with 18$/month free credit for 3 months
  2. generate a api key
  3. using the chrome extension called chrome for google and in the extension configuration, paste that api key, and then you can use your own chatgpt.
    Note: I thiink that 18$ is enough for the routine task to use chatgpt. And after three months, maybe the chatgpt widely seize the market, and whitelist our VPS IP, or you can make anther openai account to enjoy the free credit
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You name it hh. :grin:
I tried another way according to someone’s tip by google account just now.
But I still failed to get access to chatgpt.

By the way, the chrome extension you’ve mentioned has been in my usage since a few days ago. It is sure that it can avoid the problem of getting connections with chatgpt webpage.
Benefits as it provides, I may still lose some features of authentic chatgpt such as: creating a set of dialogue with specialized object title, looking up for the history of conversation with chatgpt and so on.

Anyway, thanks for your tips!
Have fun in the journey AI TIMES.

I’m here to tell you that the person saying that there’s not a chance that you can be “whitelisted” or more accurately unblocked is wrong. Weirdly my personal IP got blocked today, and all I had to do was reach out at OpenAI Help Center through their chat and they were happy to resolve it.
Hope it helps someone who happens to come across this thread like me.

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