My experiences writing with ChatGPT

I’ve been impressed with the range and versatility of ChatGPT. I’ve used it to write blogs, posts, emails, sales pitches, and web evaluations. However, I’ve had less success with more creative writing for stories. By providing a detailed outline for a story and directing it to use the style of a famous writer such as Paddy Chayefsky, I would get some vague story elements but without any real heart to the plot. I guess I’m looking forward to 4.0. Nevertheless, I found that ChatGPT saved me from the drudgery of writing first draft material. I can always improve any contribution with some effort. I really like the spell-check and grammar correction features. I am curious about the experiences of others and if they have found a panacea for prompts yet.

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You might be interested in a tool I’m working on…

I’ve implemented Flesch reading ease scores…

I am using ChatGTP to finish my already finished storys.
And he has done remarkable work. They are short and simple storys, but with stronger main and hidden message. AI would recognize hidden message in most cases. Many human readers wasn’t capable of recognizing hidden message. His ending of stores are sometimes too positive and straight forward, but at global it is refreshing to communicate with machine on that level.

If you have a plot already, I would start by writing a rough draft of the story. You can provide the rough draft, or even just the outline, for context (keeping in mind it will need reminders after every 5-10 prompts). Once it has context, feed it single paragraphs and ask it to elaborate in a particular style. I would suggest requesting it expand each paragraph into 3-5pp, as Chat GPT will change the story, giving you a buffer to remove any nonsense. You can then feed these new paragraphs it wrote back to itself, over and over with notes until you have something usable.

Then rewrite it without AI because you won’t own the copyright otherwise.