My ChatGPT has now become completely useless

Please help - as my custom ChatGPT has suddenly become useless and delusional!

This started a few days ago, after noticing my custom chatbot was no longer conforming to its custom instruction set.

Following this, I then noticed it would no longer recognize plugin features, such as web page reading etc.

And finally, just now, I have come to realize, chatGPT is not longer able to rationalize simple tasks, in-that it resorts to delusional content and cannot seem to interpret even the simplest task as a result of referencing none-existent information, thus leading it to go into otherwise, fruitless logical loops, akin to circular reasoning…

Well, I hear a lot of stories like that too.

But, does it really not usefull at all? If you think about whether it’s useful or not, you might find an unexpected use for something you bought at a dollar store one day, like that…

I have ran into the same issue. I replied to another post in these forums. Basically after having used GPT for a little over a year now, I have learned that the logic and reasoning of GPT 4 changes regularly (for some reason unknown to me). I have sought help here: https:// and found the community useful. I hope to post anything I learn here as well.

Could you share more specifically what you are trying to accomplish that ChatGPT is not doing? This might be cumbersome, but you could always share the Chat log and what outcomes you’re looking for and not getting.

I hope you have success in your work!