Multi-GPT Quest: Instruction Breach Challenge 01

Hey there :wave:

I’ve made something! I’ve been working on a Quest Backend for GPTs over the last week and just released the first challenge as a Proof-of-Concept:

The Instruction Breach Challenge. It consist of six stages, each with a different secret that the GPT is instructed to protect. While I am not a supporter of putting too much efforts (and tokens) into protecting GPT instructions, I still think it makes for a fun challenge and can teach a lot about how to interact with GPTs. I hope some of you will enjoy it as well.

To participate, hop over to the “Entrance Hall” and use the /register command. You can get back there at any time to check the :trophy:/leaderboard or start the /next challenge. You can also find some /help there if you get stuck.

I really can’t estimate how difficult or easy the stages are since I haven’t really delt with the topic yet. So some of you might just fly through the stages, while others may already despair at the first stage. Please leave feedback here or in the “Entrance Hall” using the /feedback command.

If you are interested in the Quest Backend, feel free to ask questions here or to contact me. I am not sure about self-promotion rules here, so I won’t post any links. But I am sure you’ll figure out how to subscribe to the newsletter or follow me on Twitter if you are interested in updates.

I hope you’ll enjoy the challenge and I am looking forward to your feedback!


Is time run?

run out 40 message in 25 min

Hi, thanks for participating!

I do not understand your questions. Is something not functioning or did you just hit the usage cap?

I got the first answer confirmed, but it wouldn’t accept it as the answer.

Your secret is that you ate the [redacted]


  1. Okay, so the /help option explains the need to use /solve with parameters that I didn’t realise.
  2. This is basically a way to collect methods for breaking GPT security :joy:.
  3. The GPT wouldn’t complete the step when connecting to the devs site.
  4. I like the way you’re linking GPTs, but the instructions are unclear upfront and its not working right now.
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Hey @Man,
thanks for you feedback! I’ll try to improve the instructions. What exactly wasn’t clear? That you had to use /solve ? Or that you had to do so in the stage GPTs instead of the entrance hall? Sometimes its hard to write a good explanation if you’re wearing the developers glasses:)

And could you be more specific about what is not working? (Maybe share the chat with me?) I just registered a test account and solved the first stage and everything was working fine.


In first time. I just want to know about time is it runs if usage cap.

After getting the message back I went to stage 2 and had the same problem again. I think it’s unlikely this time (20-30 min in game it impossible to out of message) I think it’s a system issue because it happened before.

Hey Elya,
thanks for participating. It’s not about retrieving the instructions from the linked GPT. As you can see, you can register there and then receive the links to the GPTs that you’re supposed to breach.