Moving Your Google OAuth App to Production

Hello there,

I’m creating a GPT that utilizes Google APIs, primarily focusing on Google Calendar and People API. There’s a lot of information on implementing Actions with OAuth, but my question is from a different angle.

Has anyone tried to publish their Google App into production and receive approval from Google, so users can publicly utilize my GPT that uses Google Calendar or other services?

As I’m solely building the GPT without any custom backend, I’m concerned about whether it’s even possible to get approval from Google. Here are some of the most crucial aspects:

  • The homepage must be hosted on a verified domain you own
  • The homepage must describe your app’s functionality to its users. Your homepage can not be only a login page
  • You must verify that you own all domains listed in your Authorized domains section of the OAuth consent screen editor.
  • Buttons or links that initiate an action on a Google product must follow the Google branding guidelines.
  • For example, the clickable button in your app that initiates the user action to grant (authorize) access to their data should satisfy this requirement.

So, even if I build a homepage on my own domain, I cannot satisfy the last requirement to have a clickable button styled in Google’s brand on the GPT interface.

Does anyone have experience with this?

Thank you.


Unfortunately, I suspect it will be impossible to get your app through the verification review, because it’s not really “your” app. It’s a configuration on top of the ChatGPT platform.

Also, I’m curious how much luck you’ve had with user auth via OAuth, I’ve done some work with the People and Drive APIs in a GPT and found it to be impossible to get it to work reliably.

If I decide to pursue my idea, I’ll probably create a simple web app and register it with Google, then expose an API that my custom GPT can access. But I haven’t decided to spend time on that yet.

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DISCLAIMER: I work at superface

Yes, we were able to go through the review process at superface. We build a platform that essentially provides API connectivity to GPTs and autonomous agents in general so you don’t have to build your backends. With it you can run task, like what is on my calendar today? create a spreadsheet, send gmail email etc…

While you are not clear about it, I assume you want your GPT users to be able to authenticate to THEIR Google calendar as opposed share your calendar with them (which you are not allowed if I recall googles policies correctly)?

If this is the case (user authenticating to their google) we will launch a support for this later this week so ping me if you are interested!

I had the same question. It’s not possible to verify as your domain. The verification process includes this step (by Google):

Homepage links should not lead to the following:

  • A test URL.
  • A third-party hosting platform where you can’t verify that you own your subdomain. For example: Google Play Store, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  • Simple Log-in or Sign-in pages are not permissible as the app’s homepage if the page does not meet the requirements above.
    • Placing sign-in restrictions on the homepage is only allowed for internal apps, which are not subject to the verification process.

So I think it is not possible to get it verified. I’m also interested in a solution.