Move the [Copy Code] button to the bottom of the code snippet

Hi there.
Small UX improvement on your UI. I’d love to see this button [pic related] move to the bottom of the code snippet. The bottom is where the user is when the snippet is fully generated and ready to be copy-pasted, and even if the user goes through all the code beforehand, the bottom is still where the user will be after reviewing the code. So in any scenario where the user will want to copy-paste the entirety of the code snippet - they will want to do so from the bottom.

Hope to see the improvement soon.
// Best, me.

Alternatively, you could have the button sticky on the side of the code-snippet box to follow along the scroll position - but that is of course a more customized solution that will open a new can of UX-eating worms

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Please see this topic here,

Where we discuss and implement some UI changes using CSS on the client-side.