More Control for Read Aloud Function

I love ChatGPT and use it daily for various tasks. I especially love the read aloud function. I use it to summarize long paper into 1000-2000 words summaries to get a quick overview. I turn on the read aloud mode and read while the generated text is being read to me. This way I can process the text much better and have better information retention. However, the function is not very flexible. It is only available once the text is generated completely, it always starts at the beginning if I have to abort it and I can’t speed it up to match my reading speed. I suggest the following:

  • Implement a way to select a cursor position for the read aloud function.
  • Implement a speed dial for the read function.
  • Activate the read aloud function as soon as the first few words are generated, so I can already start reading the text.
    This would greatly improve my experience using ChatGPT as well as boost my productivity.
    Thank you for considering it!