Modifying the view of an existing DALLE image

Ive an image that I’ve generated that I love, but I’d like to change the viewing angle (the image is straight on, I’m looking to get an view with the camera about 30 feet away, 10 feet off the ground, and viewed at a slight angle off center.

I’ve tried new prompts using the same base prompt that made the original image, but obviously it’s generating a different “envisioning” of my original prompt.

Is there any way to do this? The editing tools just let me erase parts, and add new detail or expand the image. Or am I stuck trying to recreate something similar to my original image and hope it goes well?

Using a similar (or more specific) prompt could work.

Try using DALLE’s eraser to remove any part of the image that doesn’t look like the camera is 30 feet away. If even a small portion of your original image is viable, this would be a huge help.

Experiment with different camera angle view settings. See: Off Topic - What is the best angle for the isometric camera? - Forum - Path of Exile.

For this, prob isometric camera angle

What? Is this a spam bot or unhelpful AI? I’m asking if it’s possible to change the viewing angle and redraw an image generated from dalle2, and that’s a link to a game website? There are no “camera angle view settings” on dalle2. Guess that’s helpful if I ever play that game I’ve never heard of…?

Wow. I was trying to be helpful and your response was ignorant and rude. Obviously you are new to prompt engineering and have no clue how camera settings affect Dall-E 2 output. I suggest you join the Dall-E 2 Discord and look in the FAQ section.

You told me to experiment with different camera angle view settings. And provided a link to a video game forum that talks about isometric view. Unless there’s a hidden menu somewhere that I’m not seeing, there are no camera view settings. If you mean using an isometric view in the PROMPT, actually saying that may have been helpful. Because at a glance and look at the link, you’re telling me to set the camera view settings in Path of Exile to an isometric view.

No clue why there’s a link to a video game forum regarding the camera angle in that game, and there are no “camera settings” for dalle.

Ignoring ALL of that, my question was not “how do I view it from that angle”. It was about MODIFYING the viewing angle of an EXISTING IMAGE. Which I’ve since learned isn’t possible.

Your answer didn’t address my question, referenced things that don’t exist in dalle, and linked to a video game forum talking about camera view angle settings for that game. Absolutely my fault for not knowing what you were talking about. Clearly.