Missing Playground Preset

I find it suspicious that a 3700 token discussion with Davinci003 about AI ethics has mysteriously vanished from my Playground Presets. Has anyone else encountered any saved presets inexplicably vanishing?

There’s a bunch of links to playground examples that are no longer around from OpenAI’s documentation.

For some reason, I lost all the presets after making some new ones.

If it is your own creation, and it is something potentially objectionable, it is possible that they are running some moderation to remove “innovative” uses that could be shared with others. I’ve had a half-dozen ChatGPT chat shares go 404 likely because they could trigger a “would this make ChatGPT act differently”.

You can still talk to PotatoGPT, formerly ChatPotato https://platform.openai.com/playground/p/WJHfYLcE3KVckehxaIitHScK?model=gpt-4

Lol, PotatoGPT is definitely the future!

You make a very interesting point about making it act differently; this missing Playground Preset definitely fits that description. There was nothing in it that violated their terms of use, and they never sent me an email explaining why they were removing it. It’s IP theft in my opinion, but they may have stolen it because the model developed some innovative, logically strong ethical arguments that differed significanltly from GPT 3.5 or 4.

I’m starting to empathize with Elon’s concern about OpenAI not being “open” anymore. They claim to need regulation and then ironically show us all why. Removing my Preset could have just been an automated error, but it seems suspicious that we’re the only ones complaining about compliant chats getting pruned without notice or explanation. And good luck connecting with a customer service rep. Maybe Llama is a better choice to build on