Migrating text-davinci-003

Good afternoon, I need help changing my model, I would like to know which one I should select to obtain the same results as before. I use the Make App. I used text-davinci-003 before. I have tried text-embedding-ada-002 but it didn’t work

Here are the other options

Try gpt-3.5-turbo-instruct

This is the universal replacement for the heritage instruct/completion models.

Thanks for your help Curt, but I don’t have this option in the list I attached. Will it have a different name?

Go to the Playground, select “Complete” and you should see it in the dropdown.

If you see it, you can also use it in the API.


I am not familiar with the “Make App”, so if they aren’t listing it, and you have API access, it’s something in their UI. Not sure what your situation is.

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Thanks Curt I will check, if I have more questions I will let you know