Microsoft Reportedly Planning to integrate GPT into Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook

GPT-3 (TD3) Summary of article from Gizmo China

Microsoft, which has partnered with and invested in OpenAI, is reportedly planning to integrate OpenAI’s language AI technology and its Prometheus Model into its popular office suite, including Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

The move aims to improve efficiency and productivity by allowing users to perform more quickly and accurately, as well as assist users with language processing. Microsoft has been working on tailoring AI tools for writing emails and documents for more than a year and is now trying to figure out a way to train models using customer data without it being exposed to other customers, along with reducing errors.

Microsoft recently announced a new generative AI experience in Microsoft Viva Sales, which uses the Azure OpenAI Service and GPT to create sales emails, and is similar to some of the features Microsoft has been testing in Outlook.


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Personally, I wonder how/if Microsoft will filter what’s written in Word… or allowed to be written… Should be interesting to see when they do announce…