GPT-3 is coming to Microsoft Azure

Just announced, GPT-3 is coming to Microsoft Azure:

The article says:

The new Azure OpenAI Service will give customers access to OpenAI’s powerful natural language GPT-3 models – with the security, reliability and enterprise capabilities of Microsoft Azure. Azure OpenAI Service can help developers working for a sports franchise create a new app by converting language to software code, then reason over transcripts of live television commentary to offer game summaries for the app and also generate ideas for blog posts and other written content for fans.


Just saw that here: Microsoft’s new Azure OpenAI Service brings GPT-3 to (a few) more developers – TechCrunch

I’m wondering when the GPT-3 jobs are going to materialize. As a language model… Many developers simply aren’t that great with language.


Thank you! It’s really painful to read all the misconceptions in the press. I always want to clarify the stereotyped and false accusations.