Message counter for Chat GPT4 usage cap

I don’t/ cannot always count the number of prompts/ queries that I send to GPT 4 within the 3-hour period. So I sometimes reach my cap without noticing and then have to wait. However, while we do have it, it would be extremely helpful to have an inconspicuous counter for GPT 4 that tells us how many messages/ query responses we have left within the 3-hour time.

If you have 25 messages and submit your first prompt, the time is marked and a counter is set. It would then tell you both the messages you have left and the cap reset time. In terms of how it’s displayed, I was thinking of a few examples:

On the bottom right corner of each message, it could show just the number and the time to reset. Eg.

24, X:XX AM/PM

It could also be something displayed right above/below the “Send a message” field in the sentence format.

“You have XX messages left until X:XX AM/PM.”

Personally, I think this would be extremely helpful and would encourage users to word their prompts more carefully to reach the answers/outcomes they are looking for.