Memory all deleted and wiped clean with 4o launch

It seems with the launch of the new 4o model, my entire list of memories developed over the last few weeks is gone. Looking at previous chats where memories were made, all of the “Memory updated” tags still exist, but the “Manage memory” section is Settings is entirely empty.

For anyone else affected by this, the only recourse I have found is to manually add them back in. To manage some sort of recovery, go to Settings > Data Control > Export Data and check the chat.html file. Each time a new memory was created, there is a section in that file that says “Model set context updated” with the memory just above it.

Even as I have added memories back in manually, they have slowly and randomly disappeared over the past 24 hours. It seems at present there is not reliable storage for Memory and users should manually back up memories they find useful if they want to preserve them.


I am having the same issue, but when I paste them back in they don’t get added into the memory so I am stuck.

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Last night I was able to get about 70 added back in, but this morning no new memories could be created and eventually they all disappeared again.

It would seem this is not a one-time issue but something more persistent that can’t be overcome by user input.

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This actually started for me 2 weeks ago, before GPT 4o. Same experience as @maidan

Same here, It suddenly forgot everything & is showing blank memory section.

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Just happened to me this morning and I am beyond pissed. I’ve lost hours and hours of time and all of my personalization. And no way to contact anyone. Absolute trash.

I’ve been trying to contact their support about this for weeks but have been unsuccessful.

Another bandaid, but the best solution I’ve managed to restore all memories in the fewest messages possible:

  1. Settings > Data Control > Export Data
  2. Open chat.html
  3. Copy over every memory to a Google Doc (found by Ctrl+F and searching “Model set context updated” )
  4. Once you’ve copied every memory into a document, export it as a PDF.
  5. Upload the PDF to Chat GPT-4o and include the prompt “commit everything in this pdf to your memory.”
  6. This will not grab everything, only an approximation. After the first “memory updated” ask again in the same chat: "Could you look through the document again and add in anything that is missing from your memory? " Do not upload another pdf.
  7. Repeat step 6 one or two more times and your memory should be back to where it was.

Again, this is a bandaid and likely temporary, as whatever is causing the memories loss is still around. But now you’ll have a physical backup can refresh the memory in just a 3 or so messages.


I’ve been doing that (but committing the memories to git because this is not the first time memories were wiped) and when I copy and paste it in and ask it to remember things, it says “memory updated” but the memories are still empty. Maybe it’s too much info so it fails? Idk.

I really would appreciate the timely resolution of this issue. Since the issue has interrupted workflows, we can’t proceed without all the memories previously present.

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I am restoring the memory as instructed my @maidan but, it is continuing to forget them & not solidifying its memory & is not showing the whole list of like 70+ memories, rather just a handful like 6 memories.


Yes… I had two days of fervent memory saving before the 4o update and then 2 days after. I was having the ai ask me questions to add to my memory and was always wondering why it started repeating the same questions. I’m irked that it’s come to remember basically nothing multiple times.


ok I will try that going forward… meanwhile I am having the problems I described here:

The hallucination describe in my other post happened in french language but in English I get this (obviously not very useful information for you guys but it show how frustrating all his is…

In an other session also I got this:

I am going to ask chatgpt to remember @maidan solution :smirk: OK! maybe I will remember that solution all by myself… Like all those phone number of people I knew 20 years ago which I still remember even if they changed their phone number since a decade…

It is limited (for privacy reason :smirk: ) to not grab content from the internet, if you use the document (saving it from raw GitHub) it should be easier maybe…

Above you can see how @maidan privacy is preserved…

You can acess the article linked in the image (in blue) here or just scroll up as it is in this thread (I hope this will not count as doxxing you @maidan) ↓

Thank you so much! I was worried that all these memories were gone :slight_smile:

I also noticed that memories seem to get added and then just are gone :frowning: