Maximum number of images in a GPT-4V request?

I know there’s a 20MB limit on image uploads. If you upload multiple images, do they need to sum to less than 20MB in total?

I tried uploading ~30 images, each about 0.5MB, and I get the error: You uploaded an unsupported image. Please make sure your image is below 20 MB in size and is of one the following formats: ['png', 'jpeg', 'gif', 'webp']


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I just looked over the docs again, and I don’t see a mention of the max number either. Their example has two, though, so maybe start there? Or back your way down from 30 til you find max. Please let us know.

Looks like 30 works if I shrink each image closer to 0.1MB, so the limit I was hitting was related to size and not number of images. But I’m definitely getting the error before 20MB total; I saw the same error message with a single 5MB image.

The limitation for me so far seems to be the token output which is capped at 4096.
I’m currently doing 150 images which are 640*404 pixels and detail is set low.
‘usage’: {‘prompt_tokens’: 13102, ‘completion_tokens’: 3891, ‘total_tokens’: 16993}

I think the limitations is the 128k tokens. But i’m not 100% sure.

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Makes me wonder if the there is a Tier based upload limit being applied.

Seems like they have taken notice of the large amount of images.
They now add a note to the response:
(Note: The task is designed to label 100 images, but please consider this a sample for demonstration purposes, as generating complete and fully accurate labels for 100 images in one response is not feasible here.)