Is there a limit of how many images you can upload to 'gpt-4-vision-preview'?

I’m running into an issue uploading a series of images to the GPT Vision API.

I have compressed my images, and also added the ‘details:low’ parameter to the payload to make sure I stay within rate limits. Here is my scenario…


When I upload the first 10 images, I get a 200 response and the total number of tokens used = 3k.


When I then add the additional 8 images, I get hit with a rate limit error saying I’ve used over 20k tokens!

There is no dramatic change in size of the images when I add the additional 8. It’s like when I add over 10 images, the API ignores my ‘details:low’ param and immediately freaks out.

It doesn’t matter what selection of images I use from the list, it seems to me like the API cannot handle more than 10 images.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?


Yes, I noticed that the token usage increased by a lot today (from 1831 to 9971 per request), and nothing changed on my code.