Massive spend today - WTF went wrong?

I have the opposite issue, I am a pretty massive user and I can not track my spending at all.
I believe I am far beyond the limit at this point

I have set the limit is $200, but within only 15 minutes. The account go from $140USD usage to $450 usd usage

Here I upload the usage.
From my caculation there is about 6667K tokens, even using gpt4 with the price 0.02/1k
It’s only $133, In my case I use ada2 and text-davanci02, which is way cheeper than gpt4. What is the problem here, is there any miss-caculation

davinci embeddings $0.200 / 1K tokens = $3.33 from what’s pictured. Sufficient to say, you don’t want to run that at the volume you are giving data to ada, which is $0.10 per million.