[March 8+] API Error 429...check plan or billing details = Monthly Billed Accounts Switched to Prepaid

It’s not a charge, its an initial purchase to fill an account, you then can use that to make API calls. It’s not lost unless you won’t be spending $0.02 a day over an entire year.

Your statement rephrased "People are not going to use $6 of AI services in a year, that’s too much money. Instead, they are going to buy $500+ GPUs and spend hours setting up their own little local AI.

I’ve had no success. The card issuer maintains the problem is with the merchant, i.e., OpenAI.

I don’t really mind the change, although there was very little time between the announcement in the email and the actual switch, that could have been handled way smoother.

What I am wondering about is, what is happening with the monthly limit?

Enabling Auto recharge does not mention anything about a possible Limit, this worries me a bit as a safety net is always welcome.


Or they may be working full time in a different domain thus not needing to spend 2 cents a day and just run stuff on their own pre-existing hardware or indeed go to one of the many alternatives as and when they get a chance to work on their persional/hobby projects

I’ve still got the monthly limit set. It’s still there so don’t worry. I agree on timing I think I got about 3 emails over a course of a week and I don’t tend to look at personal email all that often so didn’t notice till they’d switched me to pre-pay and everything started erroring out.

Similarly hadn’t been using it for a couple of days so didn’t notice like the second they did the switch like some people seem to assume I would. Believe it or not some of us having other thinsg to do than muck about with the openAI APIs every day or even use our own software that uses them

I am really not sure that the monthly limit still applies.
Have you been able to confirm it?
There is no mention of it anywhere in regard to credits.

A word from an official source would be nice, @logankilpatrick?

Logan Kilapatrick no longer works with OpenAI so he will not be able to tell you about it and he is no longer active on the forum.

thanks for letting me know. Are there other Admins?

Yes, but there are currently no active staff members on this forum.

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