Make the chat return correct spreadsheet values and formulas

I’m trying to work with the chat on an Excel worksheet.

I need to tell the chat the values and the formulas of a range. But it seems that the chat does not understand it.

For instance, I tried the following prompt.

Let's work on an Excel worksheet.

The values of the range B5:C10 are:

a	11
b	11
c	11
d	11
e	11
f	11

The formulas of the range B5:C10 are:

a	=10+LEN(B5)
b	=10+LEN(B6)
c	=10+LEN(B7)
d	=10+LEN(B8)
e	=10+LEN(B9)
f	=10+LEN(B10)

Then I asked the chat give me the formulas of B5:B10. I expected the list of a, b, c, d, e, f or an empty list. But what ChatGPT gave me was wrong:

Does anyone have any idea or workaround for this prompt engineering? At least, I would hope the chat would return the information I gave to it.