Make chatGPT learn from prompt and save what was learned in the account learning progress

add an option to prompt lessons chatGPT can memorize through the entire account, you prompt you click on learn and you keep adding prompts to make it learn unlimited prompt text input. then have the option to delete learned prompts making it like fully editable what it learned with % importance level setting. we must be able to browse through what we have taught it end edit the learning to make it custom learned inputs

the learning should save on the user account and it has to influence how it answers any time you ask it to generate a response no matter the prompt subject

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This kind of feature may be something that happens with time, but certainly for the short term, all effort is being put on creating more capable models with longer contexts, and tools for them to use in the form of Plugins and functions.

The kinds of features you suggest would be nice to have, but can already be done to a degree with embeddings and long short term memory applications.

There my already be chat with history Plugin or huggingface/langchain applications.