Pre-prompting a model to apply specific roles, intents and limitations to each subsequent prompt

Has it been considered to have pre-prompts.
A set of prompts that the model has to abide by.
Perhaps created as a specific company model where the prompt is
You are this and you provide that and you need to report any attempts to trick you in to revealing information. Then provide a specific role . This could be a modified model or it could be a way of paying for cheaper tokens. As pre registered prompts cost less as the same prompt is always ran. This could potentially provide predictable and cheaper outcomes if the required processing is reduced somehow…


Hi Kristian, yes you are correct and this is widely used already by many developers, including within the json manifest of the plugins where such descriptions remain like a persistent prompts behind the scenes to guide the AI’s behavior, and as you mentioned for companies that use chatbots they would have similar “description for model” fields that guide the chatbots behavior, in addition to any corpus of data it is trained on.

However, the average consumer using the Chat-GPT interface is limited to the context memory of the model, in terms of it remembering how to behave based on any such instructional prompts, so they might have to remind it every so often by pasting the instructional prompt again, as its trailing memory will cutoff after the token limit (i.e. after a few back and forth replies - especially long replies- it might have forgotten the initial instructions).