MacOS GPT app that recommends actions based on your work context

Hey everyone,

I’m thrilled to share the latest updates for Alter.

You can now customize the menu to your liking, displaying actions based on the active app or the current browser tab!

Check the demos:

Gmail tab or email clients → Summarize a newsletter

Highlight text → Correct Grammar and Spelling

Terminal or code editors → Language-GPT (ask questions about a programming language)



Can you please explain further? Thank you.

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The app uses macOS APIs to gather context that we feed into the prompts, some of them for example:

  • your current text selection
  • your last clipboard entry
  • the active app
  • if it’s a browser, the current tab with its url and title
  • if it’s keynote, the slides with their content and images

Based on this context, possible actions are shown and the prompts have access to the context for a better experience that what you can have with AI tools limited to the browser.