Looking to understand how cognitive strategies are employed in AI

Hi. I’ve been working on some stuff for fun this last year. I did include a brief evolution of the equations yesterday but I have such bad social anxiety and I am terrified of being made fun of so, I deleted it. I’m not claiming to be anyone special or anything I just want to learn and have fun.

Looks interesting :thinking:

Do you have a demo of it working / some evals?

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Not really lol. I’d love some help with that. Theoretically, this should work.

How are these values quantified?

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Thank you so much for the question! These values are not directly quantified like in numerical terms? I’m using them as parameters that are passed into the function of the mechanism. I think of it like equipping the mechanism with a need to argue. The values act as guides or arguments for the initial conditions surrounding input data so the quantification depends on the context and/ of data being analyzed. Theoretically, this should radically improve cognitive strategies for AI making a much more human like interaction and a bunch of other stuff? Please ask more questions if I didn’t answer that question well.

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I think maybe another way to answer your question might be that the values would be initially gathered and quantified stochastically based on context, right? Maybe lol? That’s how I’m doing it at least. Let me know your thoughts.