Looking for a Sample Python Script to Create Chat Bot with Your Own Data

I’m looking for the best, working example to create a chat bot where I can supply my own data. The end game is a friendly, AI customer service rep that knows all our user’s guides, technical documents, etc.

Here is the best reference I found so far:


However, it doesn’t run out of the box because an API method has been renamed and some attributes have changed as well.

I don’t see an example in the openai-cookbook for supplying your own data either. (BTW, just cloned openai-cookbook, and it came down with modifications where everything is deleted (???).)

Any direction is appreciated.

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Just search github and browse the repositories using keyword/topic of your choice.

Here is for chatbot using python

Propper API OpenAI website’s on it, isn’t?

But instead of crawling a web, crawl your data.