Looking for a presentation on learning & development 3 year plan

Hi. Looking ideas on developing a presentation on staging and scaling learning & development programs across my organization over next 3 yrs.

Welcome to the developer forum.

Can you tell us a little more about your companies operations?

This looks more like a prompt meant for ChatGPT.

AI can assist you with this.

Part 1: You will need to make a list:

About your organization.
About your organization goals.
About the current skill levels of your employees/managers etc
About your growth strategy
etc etc

The more comprehensive info you have to begin - the better the results will be.

Part 2: Next you need to design a prompt to help you create a presentation:

Specify your goal
Specify the message you want to get across
Specify areas of focus

Include all info you gathered in part 1.

Press submit and check the output.

Part 3:

The output will not be exactly as you expect so now it’s time to adjust your prompt to guide the output toward your requirements.
Iterate - refine - iterate - refine

Until you have something close to what you require.

Now manually edit the presentation slide content output by the AI

When you have completed your editing feed the finished presentation back into the AI with an instruction to fix grammar/spelling/punctuation etc

Now your done.