What's the best tool to use to create a powerpoint presentation

Hi i want, what prompt i should use to create a better professional powerpoint presentation topics using chatgpt. First it should provide me all the tpics and then detail of the topic.

I would start with this:

Create an outline of a slide show presentation.
The topic of the presentation is Ice Cream Flavors, and the presentation should have 12 slides.
The presentation should follow best practices in presenting a subject for audience engagement and material retention.
First, output the titles of the 12 slides:

Then, I would prompt for each slide with the following:

Given the above outline, create the text for slide 5. Vanilla Flavor Variations.
The text should be brief and to the point.
Below this text, output the speaker notes for the talk track of this slide, to last no more than 30 seconds.

Repeat for each slide, and you should get where you need to go.