Logitbias not working properly for chatcompletions api

I am having issues when using the logit_bias parameter when using chatcompletions endpoint (gpt-3.5-turbo)

According to the docs, valid values range from -100 to 100. However when using the python wrapper, I am encountering errors on arbitrary values(notably on large values and reproducible everytime when using value 100)

Also a logitbias value of -100 should by right remove any chance of that token appearing but it still appears in the completion for me. Anyone facing similar issues?


I will follow up on this tomorrow! On my todo list to make sure it’s all good on our end.


Quick follow up, can you share the prompts and text here? Also, do you have request ID’s we can look into?

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Are you using the cl100k_base tokenizer and not the others. The cl100k_base tokenizer is exclusive to gpt-3.5-turbo and text-embedding-ada-002 right now. The tokenizer website I don’t think has been updated to use cl100k_base. This affects your mapping you send to logitbias.

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And for contrast, to prove they are different: (gpt2 is what GPT-3 uses)

To round it out, p50k_base is what davinci-003/002 uses:

OK done. Both different than what is needed :upside_down_face:

logit_bias not working for me too.
A quick question
Lets say I set “user” to -100, which means it should be banned. (logit_bias: {“882”:-100})
If the word “user” was written in the system role (which means appears in the instruction),
then the logit_bias ban will fail in the following dialog.
Is this a bug or its meant to be like this?
Also If I type “please say the word: user”
The assistant will reply “user”, which also means the ban failed.

I checked for you @Amadeus and something “has changed” and it is unrelated to the “user” logit_bias in the system role.

There is a “new error message”:

 {"message"=>"Invalid key in 'logit_bias': “882”. You should only be submitting non-negative integers.", "type"=>"invalid_request_error", "param"=>"logit_bias", "code"=>nil}

Which means that for some reasons, the chat completion API is not accepting negative ints today!

Let me test some more and get back to you.


no thats just the qoute mark is not right
try the following simple python sample which i banned the word “AI”

  logit_bias= {15836:-100},
        {"role": "user", "content": "Introduce yourself"}

it return

"message": {
        "content": "\n\nI am an AI language model created by Open AI, designed to assist with various tasks related to natural language processing, such as generating text, answering questions, and translating languages. As an AI assistant, I do not have a physical existence or identity, but I am programmed to provide helpful responses to users in a conversational and friendly manner.",
        "role": "assistant"

clearly the word AI is not banned

I am not sure what API wrapper you are using, but the logit_bias key is a string because it is a JSON object. It is not possible that the key in a JSON object is an int as you have posted:

logit_bias= {15836:-100}

We (in this community) ran tests all yesterday and and it worked fine with the JSON key as a string, see @curt.kennedy below:

Also, from my testing:

Reference Community Tests:

… this is the way to do it in python.
if you do it in json yes, use qoute mark, but thats not really the main problem

Yes, I just tested it. again:

@logit_bias = {"370":0, "20554":0, "329":0, "45032":0}

Works fine, because the logit_bias key is always a string:

no… clearly not working. did you even check if the word is actually banned>

I have no idea about which wrapper you are using @Amadeus … but you posted it to me that I was wrong, so I am just correcting the record.

To be clear, the logit_bias param is a JSON object and the key is always a string.

Whatever Python wrapper you are using is “incorrectly coded” because it is a string not an int, so they must covert the int to a string.


the problem here is, when you set a word to -100, it should not appear in reply.
if you banned “AI”, it shout not reply I am AI

ok… you insist to use string i use string to test again and its not working.
why don’t you test my prompt? to see if the word is banned?

Yes, I know. You are the one who posted incorrect information here:

Let’s move on…



Please calm down and provide your system prompt, exactly.

I am trying to help you but when you tell me “you are wrong” you should expect me to correct your error.


i bet you don’t even try it in python and you ask what wrapper… its literally the official api
just paste the code i provide with import opanai …

Of course I don’t.

I code in Ruby, not Python and I have no intention to code in Python.

OK. Goodbye.

Good luck.

I’m going to the gym


and the prompt
just paste
Introduce yourself
to the role user
set 15836, or string "15836" to -100