Login to chatgpt through iframe (bypass sophos block of chat.openai)

accessing chat.openai through iframe works, but the login procedure doesn’t.


  • on hardware where i’ve no admin access to, the url chat.openai.cam is blocked by a sophos tool .
  • to bypass this, my idea was to host a simple html page with lighttpd on a rpi with arch arm in my lan.
  • so from the restricted machine, i can simply browse the hosted page in my lan, where i can use chatGPT in an iframe - w/o the machine realising where it is connected to.


  • the login procedure doesn’t fly through iframe.

does someone has an idea how this could be resolved? could i somehow login another way from my rpi’s lighttpd? or place a cookie or so?

what i tried

  • trying to iframe auth0.openai.cam/u/login/identifier?state=lalalala directly ends in a “refuse to connect”

help would be really appreciated, ty guy for this great tool! (-: