Life, fulfilment, and image processing in ChatGPT

I, sir Emil Hinchliff of the Fourth Bountiful German Empire, have increasingly found myself a sympathiser of Karl Marx; his concepts of alienation have been enlightening. I myself have found a disconnect growing within—a disconnect between our labour in this modern age and the spiritual fulfilment we must find to operate in this strange world. I am unhappy in my career and in the activities which I devote so much of my passing, precious time to in this age.

I have therefore found the question of money playing on my mind more and more frequently as of late. I cannot, and will not, spend my blood sweat and tears moulding myself into a cog for this economic system we live in—and THEN have my money wasted. I am utterly frugle.

I am also choosing to spend $20 USD on Chat GPT-4 every month of the year. Thus, I am supremely disappointed with the lack of picture processing ability found in my AI friend. The very fibres of economic society are dissolving by the seams around us. My family sits cold at the dining table with empty, dirty plates. The mirror tells me every morning that it’s no use to go on.

I therefore henceforth decree that it should be OpenAI’s most immediate objective to add imaging processing abilities to Chat GPT-4. Thank you.

Karl Marx, now there is a man that many in our society wish to emulate, especially considering that he never did a day’s work in his life and instead obtained a living by sucking up to his industrialist, capitalist associate Engles.