Let's Connect and Drive More Traffic to Your GPTs

Have you developed a bunch of GPTs and are looking to boost their traffic? I’ve got an idea, sort of a mini-experiment, to collaborate and promote our GPTs together.

Here’s how it works:
Step 1: I’ll collect all GPTs participating in this event in the comments and compile them into one link.
Step 2: All GPT Builders will collectively tweet about this link, creating a buzz around it.
Step 3: Let’s see if this strategy increases traffic to our GPTs.

If my plan works out, every GPT builder will reap these benefits:

  • Your GPT will get more traffic.
  • Your Twitter account will see increased engagement.

This is my current proposal. Is anyone interested, or perhaps you have better ideas?

For our first experiment, I’m focusing on the theme “Best GPTs for Writing”. If you’ve created any GPTs related to writing and are keen on joining this activity, please drop a comment with your GPT details.
If you haven’t created a writing-related GPT but find this initiative intriguing, show your support with a like.

I’m looking forward to your responses and engagement. Let’s make this happen! :rofl: :rofl: