Let users sign in even if they use blacklisted VPN IP

Hi. Sorry, I tried to search around for similar topics, but it looks like there are TOO MUCH people posting, so I’ve decided to create a new thread instead.

Recently, my VPN IP was blacklisted (I get this typical “Error reference number: 1020”), but today I’ve purchased ChatGPT Plus… and realised, that I can actually use ChatGPT without any troubles even with my “blacklisted” VPN now!

Don’t get me wrong, I get the idea (let premium users have less troubles) and I’m grateful for it, but… If at some point in time I will sign out, I won’t be able to sign in again without changing or disabling my VPN, because chatGPT is still banned for me in my incognito tab, and there are no “Sign Up / Log In” buttons available, nothing.
I find this approach… kinda questionable. Is there really no way to let “blacklisted IP users” to sign in, even if it requires some mad hard captcha, for example?

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